Targeting Students

Research: Consumer Behaviour

Targeting Students

A content marketing agency is in high demand by universities. Its owner wants to fully satisfy this exciting client group and raise his profile with regard to one of the current hot-button issues. At NIMIRUM, he commissions an analysis of first year university and sixth form students interested in STEM subjects.

NIMIRUM’s team of experts provide, within four days, a comprehensive overview of both the ways in which current and prospective students search for information about higher education programs and the media channels that are best suited to addressing them.

An important finding for the agency owner is that, apart from a shared interest in Science and Technology, the target market is not very homogeneous, especially in terms of its usage of communication platforms and channels. Prospective students of Biology find information about their study and career choices by using some of the more established channels, and also via Facebook.  In contrast, young people interested in studying Computer Science primarily use dedicated forums and open source networks.

Based on our research and recommendations, the agency develops a convincing strategy to help the universities make their communications more effective. The agency quickly becomes an indispensable partner in content and media affairs.

Are you principally seeking recommendations for a plan of action? We will present our research results and expert advice in a concise manner, putting the most important findings together into a formal presentation. We are happy to work with your templates and cooperate with selected graphic designers. Presentations are in English or German as standard.

We carry out extensive research into concepts, markets and other topic areas as a basis for sustainable, strategic decisions. The resulting reports of 50 to 200 pages adhere to rigorous scholarly standards. Research may involve in-depth analyses of online and offline communications, surveys of international expert panels and systematic explorations of backgrounds and trends. We are your research partner – from the initial idea to (multilingual) final reports. If you are a start-up company, you may be eligible for grant funding towards this service.

We moderate direct contact with experts, by phone or in-house and we assemble a dedicated panel of experts tailored for your organisation. We provide a 360° view of future opportunities and risks in your global market environments. A particular strength of NIMIRUM is the interpretation of debates in the wider public sphere. Sessions are bookable on an hourly or daily basis, in English or German.

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