Systematic Studies on Trends, Markets and Target Groups

You're expanding your business and wanting to access global markets, but have a complex business question that you would like to be independently and thoroughly investigated?

Through NIMIRUM's strong links with the academic community, we can conduct substantial qualitative and quantitative research, yielding clear and actionable recommendations in response to your most important business needs.

  • In our trend studies, our experts analyse the long-term developments affecting your business environment.
  • Our market studies deliver strategically relevant information in response to your unique market situation.
  • Our target group studies combine existing primary and secondary research data to yield insights into your customers' behaviours and expectations.

Many of our clients use NIMIRUM’s market research and analyses to inspire the global launch of their campaigns, products and business divisions.

We moderate direct contact with experts, by phone or in-house and we assemble a dedicated panel of experts tailored for your organisation. We provide a 360° view of future opportunities and risks in your global market environments. A particular strength of NIMIRUM is the interpretation of debates in the wider public sphere. Sessions are bookable on an hourly or daily basis, in English or German.

In our workshops, NIMIRUM Managing Partners will share their knowledge of the benefits of business and university cooperation. Selected NIMIRUM experts will also offer training courses on business and academic writing, as well as seminars that offer insight into major industrial and retail trends. Day workshops and multi-part programmes are available in both English and German.

Are you principally seeking recommendations for a plan of action? We will present our research results and expert advice in a concise manner, putting the most important findings together into a formal presentation. We are happy to work with your templates and cooperate with selected graphic designers. Presentations are in English or German as standard.

Too little time or too much information?

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