Research Tailored to Your Plans

NIMIRUM provides research tailored to our clients' individual requirements. 350 researchers can support you in both your day-to-day and your strategic work, with the comprehensive knowledge of teams and individuals investigating a broad range of topics across 65 countries. Findings delivered in NIMIRUM dossiers and other formats can be used immediately.

  • Taking relevant market, social, political and other developments into consideration, NIMIRUM experts conduct research on current trends and controversies.

  • Research into consumer behaviour focuses on purchase intention, purchase constraints and wider social and economic contexts affecting purchase decisions. Developing target group profiles and consumer personas, we provide advice for the optimum customer journey.

  • 85% of agency pitches supported by NIMIRUM are successful. For their presentation pitch, agencies receive the fastest customised research support available anywhere on the market. Similarly, new business development activities can benefit from tailored research dossiers about new markets, sector trends and consumer behaviour.

  • Our unique and strong research profile enables us to carry out comprehensive scholarly studies on issues that are crucial to the long-term viability of your business.

Our clients value the fact that NIMIRUM research findings and recommendations are structured around their specific requirements, enabling them to significantly improve the quality of their decisions.