Pitch Presentation

You're after a lucrative account and need to make the perfect pitch, but you want more in-depth knowledge in order to impress you future client?

NIMIRUM can assist you in achieving this goal. 85% of the pitches support through our services lead to success. With a research turnaround starting from 72 hours, we deliver the fastest tailed research support anywhere!

  • We provide businesses with the most important and exciting research information available.
  • We select a team of experts who can quickly and thoroughly investigate the latest trends, markets and consumer behaviours according to your specific requirements.

Our clients say they enjoy being able to get answers to their specific questions at a stressful time when usability of information is key.

We provide important comprehensive research findings on your topic, at a glance. Dossiers range from 10 to 100 pages. Reports are written by experts in clear terms and derived from the most relevant sources. Dossiers are available in both English and German as standard.

Are you principally seeking recommendations for a plan of action? We will present our research results and expert advice in a concise manner, putting the most important findings together into a formal presentation. We are happy to work with your templates and cooperate with selected graphic designers. Presentations are in English or German as standard.

We moderate direct contact with experts, by phone or in-house and we assemble a dedicated panel of experts tailored for your organisation. We provide a 360° view of future opportunities and risks in your global market environments. A particular strength of NIMIRUM is the interpretation of debates in the wider public sphere. Sessions are bookable on an hourly or daily basis, in English or German.

Too little time or too much information?

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