From Knowledge to Decisions

Industry surveys show that the need for knowledge-based service providers has been rising rapidly for several years now. Decision-makers want independent external expertise, for both ongoing projects and strategic planning. Nearly 60% of all companies have already been in contact with knowledge-based services.

What NIMIRUM’s White Paper (in German) offers you:

We explain strategies for the use of external expert advice, and for working with external experts themselves. We show how companies can consciously improve their decisions by collecting the best possible information. We firmly believe that managers should be able to receive the best industry and market knowledge. Our White Paper offers guidance and points the way forward.

In a variety of research and internationalisation projects, we have learned how companies benefit from knowledge. We pass on this extensive experience to you. Knowledge-based decisions are sustainable. This has been confirmed by our customers again and again. The major players in the communications industry and many top companies retrieve trend knowledge in areas such as health, mobility and energy, amongst others.

Our vision is validated by the success of our clients!