Managing Partners

Anja Mutschler

... believes that knowledge is valuable! The humanist in her seeks findings, the entrepreneur results. Anja believes that in times of social networking, researchers need to reassess the nature of knowledge. In everyday life, it should talk to a variety of practices and be usable. Her vision if for NIMIRUM to be an innovative knowledge service provider for an increasing number of decision-makers. Anja has studied in Freiburg, Paris and Leipzig. Her experience in PR and marketing provides her with a solid basis for research-based consultancy services. As NIMIRUM‘s managing partner, Anja is responsible for marketing and sales. She is your first contact for customer projects.

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Dr. Christophe Fricker

... has one big goal in his work at Nimirum: to foster collaborative research projects across sectors and disciplines, and to establish structures that can sustain them in the long term. Christophe oversees the Nimirum partner network; this allows him to both devise research designs and assemble research teams for client projects. Christophe received his doctorate from the University of Oxford. He subsequently worked at Duke University for four years; he was in charge of an EU-funded research project based at the University of Bristol and runs a research group at the Hanse Institute for Advanced Study.

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