Are you expanding your business? Has internationalisation led you to new active, innovative markets? Are you keen excited to start working in other languages such as German, Chinese or Spanish? Do you want to be better than your competitors at understanding market-specific attitudes and patterns of consumer behaviour?

NIMIRUM can support you in your internationalisation efforts. With our team of qualified and tested international experts, we are well positioned globally to support even your most ambitious plans. Through our offices in the UK and Germany, we coordinate experts in over 65 countries and languages.

We offer all of our research services internationally.

  • Our individual country experts investigate current trends and controversies. They can provide you with the latest insights on issues that impact on your business‘ internationalisation. They can also advise you on threats and pitfalls in particular countries.
  • We carry out analyses of national markets as part of our localised country research, analysing international competition according to your individual objectives. Our research will enable you to have a better understanding of your current market, the process of internationalisation amongst your competitors, and who is leading the market globally.
  • Our country experts will analyse local characteristics of consumer behaviour for you, allowing you to understand, in the course of international expansion, how your target market reacts to specific products and concepts. You will also learn about the cultural expectations of your target market as you move towards internationalisation.

We also localise your texts. In our cultural checks, we investigate and improve the usability of texts, images, gestures and symbols, enabling you to achieve the maximum positive impact on your target market.