NIMIRUM, The Full-Service Knowledge Provider

As a full-service provider, NIMIRUM takes care of all stages of a research project. The first step is usually to develop a detailed but flexible multi-stage plan with our clients, geared towards producing actionable results. Some clients contact us when their project is already under way and ask us to assess individual pieces of information, or to help with cross-cultural management.

Our services are always based on our clients’ individual objectives. A possible project flow with NIMIRUM as a full-service provider may look like this:


Go Ahead

In an initial meeting we discuss what you would like us to focus on and what time frame is realistic. Existing clients use this stage to give us an indication of the project’s scope and timeline. We begin by assembling a team of experts for your project.



You brief us and we work together with you to formulate concrete objectives. Together, we determine what exactly you would like to know, and how much time and how many ressources are available to us. For larger projects, we usually designate one part of the project as a research pilot, allowing you to enjoy results early and enabling you to adjust the project’s scope.



After the initial briefing, our real work begins. We select a team of NIMIRUM experts who are best suited to your specific needs and who have case experience. We closely manage the team of experts over the entire duration of the project. We deliver staged results on request, and give you suitable opportunity for a re-briefing!


Final Reports

Our experts deliver their research findings at an agreed date. We analyse their reports and often go through several feedback loops. We are happy to provide you with an initial summary of their findings over the phone, well ahead of delivering our final report. Our editorial team revise, streamline and compile the different, often foreign-language submissions into one document. Our consulting team then present the findings in a way that best suits your needs, and – if applicable – they provide clear, actionable recommendations.



We present our findings to you in a user-friendly written report, in your desired format. A de-briefing helps everyone to do their best job every time.