Consumer Behaviour

Do you need to gain a better understanding of your customers’ attitudes and values? Do you need facts about the consumer behaviour of your target market? 

NIMIRUM can provide you with a detailed analysis of your customer’s purchase behaviour and constraints. These are analysed against a backdrop of relevant trends in your target market.

  • Our research teams can carry out quantitative and qualitative analyses of your customers’ communications to give you an insight into current consumer interests. We do this in real time to capture actual, rather than reported, behaviours, revealing how your customers rate your brand and campaigns.
  • We work together with our agency clients to develop personas and provide the guidance you need to develop the optimum customer experience. We use sophisticated research methods, such as discourse analysis, to analyse your customers' online and offline communications.

Our clients enjoy reaching out to consumers in new and exciting ways, contributing to stronger sales figures, more impact and better brand loyalty.

Are you principally seeking recommendations for a plan of action? We will present our research results and expert advice in a concise manner, putting the most important findings together into a formal presentation. We are happy to work with your templates and cooperate with selected graphic designers. Presentations are in English or German as standard.

We carry out extensive research into concepts, markets and other topic areas as a basis for sustainable, strategic decisions. The resulting reports of 50 to 200 pages adhere to rigorous scholarly standards. Research may involve in-depth analyses of online and offline communications, surveys of international expert panels and systematic explorations of backgrounds and trends. We are your research partner – from the initial idea to (multilingual) final reports. If you are a start-up company, you may be eligible for grant funding towards this service.

We moderate direct contact with experts, by phone or in-house and we assemble a dedicated panel of experts tailored for your organisation. We provide a 360° view of future opportunities and risks in your global market environments. A particular strength of NIMIRUM is the interpretation of debates in the wider public sphere. Sessions are bookable on an hourly or daily basis, in English or German.

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