Cross-Cultural Management

You're preparing to move into global markets, but want to discover more about how best to inspire your future customers and business partners in a language that resonates with them?

NIMIRUM can assist you through its cultural checks and cross-cultural management services, supporting the development of communication strategies that truly appeal to your target market. We coordinate teams across over 65 countries and languages to provide actionable recommendations to your market needs. 

  • We provide you with a veritable knowledge hub. Our country experts offer a solid basis on which to build your communication activities through an understanding of cultural characteristics, linguistic practices and up-to-date language developments.
  • Our experts can carry out cultural checks to enhance your claims and slogans, symbols, headings and terms according to current cultural usage in the geographic regions that are relevant to you.
  • We can analyse the wording, structure and rhetoric of your cross-cultural communications, detect potential for misunderstanding and develop effective alternatives.

Our clients enjoy finding their own voice in other language and speaking to people in words and images that truly exceed their expectations.

We provide important comprehensive research findings on your topic, at a glance. Dossiers range from 10 to 100 pages. Reports are written by experts in clear terms and derived from the most relevant sources. Dossiers are available in both English and German as standard.

Are you principally seeking recommendations for a plan of action? We will present our research results and expert advice in a concise manner, putting the most important findings together into a formal presentation. We are happy to work with your templates and cooperate with selected graphic designers. Presentations are in English or German as standard.

In our workshops, NIMIRUM Managing Partners will share their knowledge of the benefits of business and university cooperation. Selected NIMIRUM experts will also offer training courses on business and academic writing, as well as seminars that offer insight into major industrial and retail trends. Day workshops and multi-part programmes are available in both English and German.

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