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These Payment Trends are About to Hit us – by 2020 at the Latest

NIMIRUM Expert J.J. v. Wingerden explains some of the most interesting trends that are currently happening in payment, describing the current German market as well as practical developments.

From Hunger to Obesity: The Challenge to Address all Forms of Malnutrition

The Future of Food: The Quest for Sustainable Food Systems in the 21st Century

Food Systems – the pathways through which food travels from farmers’ fields to consumers’ forks – are about to change fundamentally in response to multiple environmental and socio-economic pressures. Sustainable food expert Dr Stefan Jungcurt at Research Provider, NIMIRUM, outlines key facts and presents an outlook on future debates around food production and delivery.

Data got “Pussy” wrong but it has not died – yet

All over the world, the failure of pollsters to predict Donald Trump's election victory is being scrutinised. The problem goes beyond methodology: we need new questions, new ways of interpreting data, and a new narrative.

“What is the role of humans?” – Tech people and people people talking translation at TEF2016

Technological change is turning the world of translation upside down. Client expectations are changing, which leads to the emergence of new job profiles and tasks. What is in store for translation in a multilingual, communication-oriented world? Visions and tools were discussed at the EU Commission's Translating Europe Forum 2016. A comment by NIMIRUM Managing Partner, Dr Christophe Fricker.

The U.S. Book Market: Trends and Demographics in 2016

As the world’s largest market for books the US are at the forefront of current trends which are bound to affect other regions around the world. Current developments include a decline in the sales of eBooks, which now only constitute 17% of all book sales in 2015 due to “digital fatigue” among consumers. NIMIRUM Expert Dirk Vogel takes a closer look at current trends and developments.

Our Brexit Opportunity (Country Analysis, #3)

Can Brexit be a moment of opportunity? Voters may have been misled, and their motivations are hard to assess. But the vote for Brexit is the result of at least one desire that entrepreneurs can work with. Nimirum Managing Partner Dr Christophe Fricker explains.

“The United Kingdom has never been more disunited”: How different are Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland now?

Scottish and English socities seem to be drifting apart – and Northern Ireland is different again. A closer look at values and attitudes reveals deep rifts. Businesses as well as politicians are wondering: Having distanced themselves from Europe, will Brits also give up on the notion of a United Kingdom?

What the communications industry can learn from the Brexiteers (Country Analysis #2)

The debate around the UK’s position vis-à-vis the European Union has been a fight of gut instincts versus rational arguments. While the failure to make a passionate case for “Europe” has been a serious mistake of the Remain camp, the Leave campaign’s deliberate rejection of facts speaks for a troubling new development in public communications. What other lessons can be learnt from the Brexiters?

The Ugly Face of Marketing Testimonials – 7 Things to Consider when Using Celebrities in Marketing

Celebrity endorsements have become popular in marketing and advertising, often enabling retailers to reach out to new target groups. How do you choose the right person to appear on your marketing materials? Here's a helpful guide in 7 steps.

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