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Research: New Business Development

Industry 4.0: New Business Development

Industry 4.0 is already changing the way business is conducted in many places, but what exactly does the state of affairs look like in individual countries? A large agency is launching a global campaign for a listed company and requires information about the leading industrial nations. Very recently NIMIRUM co-owner Anja Mutschler presented our services to the agency’s team. Everyone agrees that we will be the perfect partner for this new business development project!

The briefing is extensive, and the head of business development, Mrs. Z., is very nice indeed, as are all our agency contacts. In an initial fifteen-minute telephone call, we clarify the fundamental aspects of the commission. We then brief our project team. For a budget of just under 5,000 euros, four of our tech experts compile relevant information on debates as well as key decision makers and their viewpoints and predictions. They also evaluate existing communication issues and provide an overview of important terms for each region.

The company wins over its customer. Its senior consultants are perfectly positioned to work on the new project and are highly aware of every major development. This is an important project for the agency, which contributes to their growth in a key sector.

As the project proceeds, the agency commissions a target market analysis, and a series of slogans are tested in individual countries, to find out which key terms are best suited for the global campaign.  Based on NIMIRUM’s in-depth research, the agency grows together with its clients.

We carry out extensive research into concepts, markets and other topic areas as a basis for sustainable, strategic decisions. The resulting reports of 50 to 200 pages adhere to rigorous scholarly standards. Research may involve in-depth analyses of online and offline communications, surveys of international expert panels and systematic explorations of backgrounds and trends. We are your research partner – from the initial idea to (multilingual) final reports. If you are a start-up company, you may be eligible for grant funding towards this service.

We provide important comprehensive research findings on your topic, at a glance. Dossiers range from 10 to 100 pages. Reports are written by experts in clear terms and derived from the most relevant sources. Dossiers are available in both English and German as standard.

In our workshops, NIMIRUM Managing Partners will share their knowledge of the benefits of business and university cooperation. Selected NIMIRUM experts will also offer training courses on business and academic writing, as well as seminars that offer insight into major industrial and retail trends. Day workshops and multi-part programmes are available in both English and German.

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