Do I need to fill out the on-line application form even though all the information is already included in my CV?

Yes, please. The form gives you the opportunity to tell us what is particularly interesting about your field of expertise. This allows us to identify you as a suitable team member for work on a specific future assignment.

Can I also work part-time for NIMIRUM?

We will offer you assignments that arise in your specialised field. If you do not have time to work on a project, simply let us know. Even if you are added to our team of experts, there is no obligation to accept any given assignment.

How much can I earn?

We generally pay you a lump sum for research assignments, which is based on our assessment of how long preparation, research and compilation of final reports will take. When calculating your fee, the amount of work involved, and the length and complexity of the assignment are taken into consideration. The amount that we can pay you varies from project to project. In negotiating a project budget with our clients, we take note of the desired fees indicated by our experts in their application form and intranet profile.

Do I need to take out professional indemnity insurance in order to work for NIMIRUM?

As a freelancer, you are in principle protected from liability claims, by our insurance (from Exali). However, it is possible that in the event of a claim, the insurance company does not class you as a freelancer. We have clearly indicated the liability risks you are exposed to in our framework agreement. We recommend, therefore, that you take out personal indemnity insurance, however minimal this risk may be.